In order to know the needs, you must know the families. That's why building personal relationships is the heartbeat of our organization, and our Family-to-Family Program is critical to that. We aren't all "called" to be foster parents, but this is a great way to foster together in community. Our Support Families will be vetted and attend our training, then will get matched with one foster family. These relationships frequently result in a great friendship between the Support Family and the Foster Family. Often times it isn't just about bringing them stuff, but about being there for them, walking with them in this journey. 

If you are interested in providing that 1:1 support for a foster family, sign up to become a FT Support Family. Support Families can consist of individuals, families or, in certain circumstances, small groups. 


If you are currently a foster parent and would love that extra support and relationship, fill out the "request a support family" form and we will match you with one of our support families!

Support family expectations

Each Support and Foster Family relationship will be unique and look different based on personalities, needs and time availability. However, there are certain base level expectations we do have for all of our Support Families in how they wrap around our families. We will equip you with ways to meet these expectations during your 2-hour training class. You will also need to complete a background check due to the nature of interacting closely with foster youth in the family.

Base Level Expectations:

Be consistent with communication and care

Be respectful and kind

Check-in on a regular basis

Can be a simple text, phone call or in-person visit

Take initiative and help meet their needs

Support Families are not required to meet tangible needs on their own.

If they need assistance, Foster Together is here to help. 

Image by Kelly Sikkema