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A welcoming place for foster, kinship, and adoptive families to gather essential items for children and youth in their care.


Our hope is that this is a place of dignity, value, and community for all who enter. We are passionate about partnering with businesses, families, and individuals in our community to work together.

What is Abundant Goods?

Welcome to Abundant Goods, the heart of Foster Together MN's commitment to supporting foster, kinship, and adoptive families. Our center is thoughtfully curated to provide a welcoming space where families can access essential items for the youth in their care. From clothing and shoes to hygiene products and baby essentials, we offer a diverse range of necessities to meet every need. Infused with positive affirmations, our space champions the dignity and worth of each visitor. Families are encouraged to visit during our open shopping hours or schedule an appointment with a member of the Foster Together MN team for personalized assistance.

Why is this important?

 In our short time of being established, there have been countless times that we hear the phrase

“they came with nothing”

from foster parents who have just had a youth placed in their care. While we found great success with our

former Meet-A-Need program, we saw a gap in being able to quickly fulfill tangible needs for emergency foster care

placements. In 2021, we spent over $10,000 on outreach items through our former Meet-A-Need program. It was

taking up to a week to collect or purchase and distribute all items for each request. By having a stocked resource center, we can more quickly get items in the hands of the foster family. 


Abundant Goods provides essential items to these youth, helping them find dignity and comfort during a

traumatic and fearful time in their life. Through collaboration with foster families and agencies, we are able to

identify specific needs as well as opening up the Abundant Goods to foster families and youth to come shop for free.

We partner with the community to stock our shelves with new and gently used items that go straight into the hands of youth in our community. This partnership includes donations and volunteer opportunities.


For questions or to chat about other partnership opportunities with Abundant Goods,

contact our lead Brooke Smith at

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